ChicLuxuryCruises always recommends insurance to protect your cruise vacation.

Why Buy Insurance?

Life happens, and so do cancellation penalties and trips to doctors in remote places. Insurance will help offset some of your costs. Maybe you or a loved one are a week, or a day away from your departure and you become sick or injured, and cannot take your cruise.  You may receive little if any of your  money back from the cruise line. Maybe you are on the cruise and become ill. Does your personal insurance cover costs for treatment outside of your home country? Did you miss your flight? Everything could be going marvelously, until they lose your luggage. Did the cruise line go bankrupt?

ChicLuxuryCruises supplies insurance provided by the cruise line or through a third-party, usually TravelGuard.

OK… I Need Insurance.. but Whose?

Do I choose the cruise line’s insurance, or a third-party?

Your cost and coverage will vary by the plan. For travelers who reside in the U.S., ChicLuxuryCruises can offer both the insurance provided through the cruise line or from a third-party. Travellers who reside outside of the United States would either have to choose the cruise line provided insurance or find an alternative.

Cruise line insurance is typically more expensive for middle age people and younger. Private insurance costs for more elderly travellers rises quickly.

Purchasing insurance through the cruise line does not protect you if the cruise line filing for bankruptcy. While surprises do happen, the third-party insurers watch this closely. If the third-party insurer believes the cruise line is a risk, they won’t cover them for bankruptcy either. If you purchase your insurance at the same time as your cruise, and the cruise line is not on a watch list, you will be fine. If it is, you will know about it.

A Quick Word about Baggage

Do not place valuables in your baggage. While they will give some coverage for lost baggage, it is limited and they will not protect your diamond ring or nice tennis bracelet.


One of the companies ChicLuxuryCruises works with for travel insurance is TravelSafe. Find below links to their policies, as well as a brochure with the costs of those policies (current April 2014).

TravelSafe Brochure: Includes pricing breakdown for TravelSafe insurance products.

TravelSafe Policies:
TravelSafe Basic
TravelSafe Classic
TravelSafe Classic Plus