You are about to enter a tale that will take you on a compelling journey. Where each page is full of outstanding encounters, experiences and adventures. Where you are the protagonist and every page is your narrative.

Step aboard Silver Whisper to discover, or re-discover, the beauty of Indonesia, the extremes of Japan and China and the subcultures of Africa. Like all great literature you will always find something new to experience within these pages; the coasts of Australia, the treasures of the Indian Ocean, the untamed splendour of the wildernesses of Kenya, Tanzania and Madagascar.

From the golden gates of San Francisco to the iconic chimes of Big Ben, be the inspiration to become the author of your dreams. Tell you own tale in this 132-day exceptional world cruise sailing. 52 captivating ports, 31 exceptional countries and 14 overnights will be the setting for this, your greatest journey to date.