Interacting with Investments in Memories:
Upon receiving your quote request, Investments In Memories, inc (IM) will use the information you provided to obtain pricing and information regarding your request.

The pricing and information will be returned to you using the email address or phone number you provided.  If the information is to your liking, we encourage you to call us or respond to the email.  We will then work on securing your arrangements.

Upon securing your arrangements, the deposit amount, cancellation information, and final payment date will be communicated to you.

We will collect passenger and payment information from you and make the payment to the travel provider.  When payments are made with a credit card, the charge will appear on your card under the travel supplier’s (cruise line, resort, tour operator, etc….).  On occasion, the charge will show under a different name (e.g. Cruises Cruises, All-inclusive Vacations), of which you will be informed.  Payments will be itemized for your convenience.

We will receive your documents shortly before your travel date, and mail them to you.  We encourage you to become familiar with the information within those documents.

Our pricing: The prices we give in our quotes represent good faith effort to reflect current market conditions.  The prices follow standard independent travel agency terms:

  1. The fares quoted by IM are based on fares provided by the travel suppliers.
  2. Fares are subject to change between the time of the quote and the time of the deposit.
  3. Independent agencies have no power over surcharges made by the travel suppliers after the deposit, e.g. fuel surcharges.

All quotes for fares are clearly displayed.  Any optional expenses will be clearly marked as optional.  No other fees will be added to your costs by our agency, with the exception of the shipping of documentation internationally.

Deposits, Payments & Refunds: The deposit required is set by our travel suppliers.  Consequently, the amount of your deposit varies.  The final payment will be required according to the requirements of the travel provider.  As a general rule, the balance of the fare must be received by the travel provider no later then 90 to 120 days prior to your departure.  Your final payment date will be assigned by our company.  We are not liable for late payments beyond the date assigned.

Travel Insurance: IM strongly encourages the purchase of travel insurance, but does not recommend any specific travel insurance company.  Insurance information is available on request.  We serve only as a facilitator of this service, and do not act as an insurance agent.

Accuracy of data:  Every effort is made to keep the data displayed current and accurate.